Realty Trust named one of Oregon's 100 Best Green Companies--Again!

By Mitchell Jacover, Strategic Business Director
Picture: Realty Trust named one of Oregon's 100 Best Green Companies--Again!

We did it again: for the fifth year in a row, Realty Trust Group was named one of Oregon's 100 Best Green Companies to Work for by Oregon Business Magazine.

This year, we came in at 24--up from last year's 33. It is an enormous honor even to make the list; to improve our standing and remain the only residential real estate brokerage in the state to be included make this a most special achievement.

Thank you to our partners, agents and staff who choose to make sustainability their business.

From Oregon Business Magazine:

Oregon is known for its green-minded citizens, and many workers are attracted to firms and organizations that practice green, not just pay lip service to it.

Our sixth annual 100 Best Green Workplaces survey shows just how important employees rate sustainable practices. Recycling, energy conservation and buying local are just a few of the policies employees want to see in their workplace. The best green companies and nonprofits are acting on these preferences, offering bonuses for biking and taking public transport; recycling and composting; and cutting energy use.

Read the full article and see all of the 100 Best Green Companies here.

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Welcome new Assistant Managing Broker Kris Olson

By Mitchell Jacover, Strategic Business Director
Picture: Welcome new Assistant Managing Broker Kris Olson

Realty Trust Group is pleased to announce Principal Broker Kris Olson has been named Assistant Managing Broker of the Lake Oswego office. In her new role, Kris will work with Managing Broker Joe Menashe to lead the 34-agent office, serving the areas of Lake Oswego, West Linn, Dunthorpe, southwest Portland and surrounding suburbs.

Kris is a native Portlander, and has been a professional in the Portland-area real estate market for more than 20 years. She holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree from PSU and Lewis & Clark, respectively, and is experienced in residential, commercial, investment, multi-family and condo conversions.

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Calling All Reluctant Dragons

By Jan Beckham, Broker, Lake Oswego office
Picture: Calling All Reluctant Dragons

Real estate can be a glamorous business.

My first year, I sold one of my clients a home with their custom Austin Healy sports car as a down payment.

It can also be a big headache.

Today, my clients are downsizing with cash or reverse mortgages. The Boomers--that wonderful generation of toddlers in the 40’s, rabble rousers in the 60’s and 70’s, breadwinners and family-managers throughout the 80’s and 90’s--are now focused on retirement. I am a member of this wonderful, eclectic group of human beings. I am intimately and personally familiar with the opportunities and challenges that this particular time in life brings.

In addition to taking care of ourselves, many Boomers are helping aged parents. A Boomer could be running a marathon on Saturday, visiting children and grandchildren on Sunday, and taking a parent to the doctor on Monday. We are managing transition in our own lives while helping our parents move to new homes as well.

Real estate—often the most valuable asset for both generations--can be the biggest headache. Boomers are frequently responsible for managing both their and their parents’ homes as well as health care.

Some of my clients are ready for change, and consider the process an adventure and a new life; others feel less willing to leave the memories and move on. These are my reluctant dragons: reluctant, and draggin’.

To my reluctant dragons: I have walked in your shoes. I have packed and closed family homes from Whidbey Island to Southern Oregon.

I have found answers to all of the questions.

  • Should I sell or hold the property?
  • Can I afford this?
  • Does it make sense financially?
  • What will I do with all the stuff?
  • What will they want to take with them?
  • Who will take the family pictures?
  • What will I take?
  • How do I begin to organize the process?

I have developed my personal list of tried-and-true consignment organizations, favorite charities, auction houses, house cleanout companies, estate sale groups, appraisers, CPAs, and attorneys.

When it comes to selling a home filled with memories which also happens to be our largest financial asset, we all want to be sure we are placing our trust in the right person. Not only must the right decision be made, it must be the wise and compassionate decision.

I am not just your Realtor, I am your advocate; we will work together to develop a plan that is right for you. I have walked in your shoes for the past 14 years.

I am the Realtor for Reluctant Dragons, and I am here for you.

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