The Moment of Truth

10/12/2010 By Mitchell Jacover, Strategic Business Director
Picture: The Moment of Truth

Indigo arrived at our offices on her bicycle, with a single stack of double-sided prints to review (you have to know our greenhouse gas consultant is not going to waste resources).

For the first meeting, we kept the group small. Who knew what the data would say? And if it was bad, we needed to figure out how to share the information thoughtfully. The first news was good: We had made it under the 1,000 ton mark.

The second news was expected: agent driving was our number one carbon emitter, by far. However, the remainder of the information was surprising and interesting. One of our offices far outweighed the others in terms of paper usage, even when accounting for the different level of business activities at each of our offices. Our largest office was not the largest emitter. Our smallest office was not our lowest emitter, again, even when measured by sales volume or per-capita emissions. And, most importantly, in these details, we could see hope for reducing our emissions, as well as some information that could be of assistance in guiding future business decisions.

However, we also realized that the data comparing and contrasting our offices, while useful, could also be divisive. How do we share the findings constructively, without vilifying the highest-emitting office? These questions and more were in our minds as we asked Indigo to present to the Partners of Realty Trust. From that meeting, we would begin the process of sharing our findings with our agents and staff, and identifying and implementing changes to reduce our emissions through the development of a Climate Action Plan.

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