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12/14/2010 By Mitchell Jacover, Strategic Business Director
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One of the questions that keeps coming up as we discuss our greenhouse gas project is why do we need to have (and pay for) third-party verification. Isn’t just calculating and then figuring out how to reduce our own emissions good enough? Enter Indigo Teiwes, our consultant from the Earth Advantage Institute. She helped us understand why paying for independent third-party verification matters and gave us good counsel on who to choose.

Here is the case for independent third-party verification, in Indigo’s own words:

“The degree of usefulness of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission information is dependent on the accuracy of the data, and the rigor of the methods used to calculate the data. It is for this reason that I recommended Realty Trust Group choose to have their inventory verified by an independent third party, and to report the emissions data publicly to a centralized registry. These steps ensure high quality, transparent and credible footprint data in which your stakeholders can have confidence.

For reporting emissions publicly, we selected The Climate Registry, a non-profit supported by state governments and provinces, that has established thorough, consistent and transparent standards throughout North America.

We chose to take the added step of third party verification, which was performed by Advanced Waste Management Services, because this ensures that our reported inventory complies with strict reporting standards for the calculation of GHG emissions, and that rigorous standards regarding the context and meaning of the reported data are met.

Finally, a third party audit adds credibility and helps identify any errors, further ensuring Realty Trust can understand and manage its emissions effectively.”

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