tips for sellers

When preparing to sell your home, the key to increasing its value is to think like a buyer. There are likely many simple and cost-effective things you can do to make your house shine and ready for the market.

Getting Your Home Ready

Get the Buyer to Stop

The first impression of seeing a home is the key moment. Curb appeal will draw your buyers in, and the lack of it will drive them to the next house. Planting seasonal flowers and maintaining the lawn offer a cheery welcome and indicate that your house is well-kept. An inviting entryway will also make a buyer feel at home.

Make Your Home Look New

Faded walls and carpets can turn off buyers. Painting a room or installing new carpet gives your home a fresh look and will help you sell your home at an optimal price.

Let the Sun Shine

Open the drapes and blinds to let the sunshine in and make your home look bright and cheerful. Turn on the lights on a dreary day or in the evening to give your home a warm, inviting glow.

Fix the Little Things

Buyers worry that little problems may indicate larger hidden problems. Each leaky faucet and loose doorknob adds to the impression that the home has not been cared for. Tighten those loose handrails and doorknobs, fix sticky doors, repair any leaky plumbing, recaulk the tubs and showers. These small details can make a big difference when showing your home to perspective buyers.

Clean It Up

A clean, fresh, and tidy home is highly appealing. Straighten up the basement, garage and storage areas to display their full size. Brighten those basement walls by painting them a light color. Mop those floors and clean those mirrors.

During the Showing

Give Them Space

Leave your home when it's being showed to prospective buyers. When you're home, the potential buyer may feel like they're intruding and will hastily view your home. Remember, you want them to picture it as their home, not yours.

Keep It Quiet

Even though they may seem to provide ambience, turn off your radio or TV. Let the buyer and their sales agent talk without disturbances. Naturally, be courteous but don't force conversation with the potential buyers. They want to view your home, not pay a social call.

Trust Us

Let us discuss price, terms, possession and other sales factors with the customer. We are experts at negotiating, and it is our commitment to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion.